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Attention -----> Energy, Agriculture, Mining, Marine, Industrial And Construction Industries!

Concept and Goal:
By combining old and new leading edge technologies, we can solve numerous problems encountered in several Industries. By substantially reducing costs of producing, operating and maintaining we can increase profits to the customers, operators and potential investors. In addition to increasing profits these combined technologies are environmentally friendly.

There is tremendous upside potential for increasing profits and reducing costs in the Oil (Secondary Oil Recovry), Gas, Energy, Mining, Industrial, Marine and Agricultural Industries by using ATEC's Tools, Products and Services. We build Reservoir Vibrators to Increase Oil Cut in Stripper Wells. See Products & Services in the menu above for a list of all of our current technologies and tools.

Research And Development:
The initial research and development of said tools and technologies (Patented, Patent pending, Trademarked or Copyrighted) are close to or have been completed and ready for final testing. Please visit the site often to check progress.
Cerarmix™ Pipe & Tubing:
is now taking orders for a revolutionary new product, Cerarmix™ Pipe, Tubing & Spray Applications. Having been thoroughly tested with marks that far exceeds traditional industrial products, Cerarmix™ can be spray-coated onto numerous industrial products including oil pipe, reducing costs, enhancing life expectancy and protecting & sealing virtually anything including frack pump protection, Go to the Cerarmix page for complete information and to request a quote from manufacturer.
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