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Earth Generator & Earth Battery:

Generating AC Power: The principal behind the system is quite simple both in practice and theory. The Earth has areas with greatly contrasting formations of reactive type minerals and hydrocarbons that will produce electrons through an electrochemical process. Examples would be a large abandoned oil field with a depth of 5,000 feet or greater, salt domes, deep coal bearing sections of strata, deep volcanic intrusions, and geothermal areas. In and around these discontinuities within the Earth, electrical differential potentials exist between these areas and the more homogeneous near surface strata.

By drilling a hole and setting an insulated conductor (wire) to the bottom of the hole (anode) and attaching a second wire (cathode) to the surface casing that is making contact with the ground water formation, a voltage differential will exist across the anode/cathode receivers as electrons flow from the reactive hydrocarbon formation to the near surface water formation.

The unknown in this example that must be tested is the distance and set up between anode/cathode (the differential voltage) that will be necessary to gain 1V or more between the receivers (.9-1 volt input equals the highest efficiency of 98%). Therefore towards this end we have already acquired 5,200 feet of underground grade insulated ¾ inch wire. In addition, an established manufacturing contractor was commissioned and has completed the functioning proto-type up converter unit containing the engineered, designed and manufactured circuit boards. Patent Pending.

Electrical Panel Electrical Panel

Earth Generator:

A smaller unit is presently being built & should be ready for testing in the spring of 2017. Built with microchip transformers and circuit boards, It will convert 4 volt DC power to AC. Patented 2013 by Pinemont Technologies.

Earth Battery Storage System:

Earth Battery for storing DC Power just below the surface (comparable to 1000 batteries) is in the testing phase (90 day period) patent pending, should be ready for wholesale in the spring of 2017.        Combo Power Plant House | Vortex Windmill

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