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Cerarmix™ Pipe & Tubing:
A unique combination of inert minerals with patented finishes provides a strong chemical bond with the resin matrix. Developed through years of research to achieve a mixture process of surface modified abrasion resistant minerals with other selected materials that improve it's innate properties for a wide variety of protective applications.

Storage Tanks/Containers:
Storage tanks, Containers, Power Plants, Scrubbers, Refineries and Chimney liner's constantly require repair or replacement due to corrosion, abrasion and heat. Cerarmix™ Material, whether pipe & tubing or spray applications, solves these problems, thus reducing costs in repairing and/or rebuilding and will increase profits significantly.
Storage Tanks
Cerarmix™ is a unique composite material that provides abrasion, corrosion and erosion protection in a wide variety of chemical and abrasive environments. Used as liner for FRP pipe, it provides a higher abrasion resistance than a 2205 Stainless Steel but has the mechanical properties as the FRP pipe. Corrosion resistance is offered by the resin. Bond strength exceeds the laminar shear strength of the FRP flexible properties eliminate cracking or delaminating.

The major difference between Cerarmix™ and other abrasion resistant materials is the fibrous chains that gives it the strong bond and ultra high mechanical properties. Cerarmix™ Specifications:


Cerarmix™ is a product that has been around for a number of years but is only recently being released to the commercial market. It has been independently tested by a number of engineering laboratories and in-field environments with outstanding results in some of the harshest conditions in the world.

Oil & Gas Industry:

All Cerarmix™ Industrial products in the oil & gas industry such as pipe, tubing, casing, drilling direction and/or horizontal well's, steam flood, saltwater injection wells, storage tanks, pumps and other industrial products have the same tooling specs as conventional industrial products and are environmentally friendly. Look how Cerarmix™ performed just in the Petroleuml Industry! PANOAK Oil & Gas found their solution read testimonial & replace your corroded oil pipe one last time.

Oil pipe




America's Needed Infrastructure Work:

Rebuild America

Industrial Applications:

Maintenance and Replacement costs in the Coal, Aggregate and Mining Industries are very expensive especially in environments that encounter corrosive or abrasive conditions. Since this results in structural wear at an increased rate, by constructing new structures, coating rehabilitation of existing structures along with its superior hardness, hygroscopic properties and overall tensile strength, makes Cerarmix™ the ideal product for this industry.
Prevent Post & Pole Rot:

Spray on wood products for a cost effective way of protection. It provides a composite shield that provides excellent protection from fire, abrasion, mold, termites, UV rays, sunlight, rot and animals.
Pole wraps
Sewer, Water & Slurry Lines:

Pipes, manholes or manhole covers, Cerarmix™ makes it essential for both relining of pipes and rehabilitation of manholes and underground chambers.

Manufacturer has 70 different formulas to choose from to solve your specific problems, cost effective and environmentally friendly. If interested, email us, they will then find a formula for your solution and send you a price ASAP. Shipping & Handling is extra. .

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New Products Using Cerarmix™ Technology!

Below is our newest addition to our products & Services.
If you live in tornado alley this is a must have for all families.

Outside view
Inside view
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