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Cerarmix™ Pipe & Tubing & Spray-on Specifications:
A quick snapshot of the specifications and performance criteria of Cerarmix™ is as follows:

• Corrosion resistance equal or better than vinyl ester resin products
• Cerarmix™ coating once applied will not delaminate
• Better abrasion resistance than 2205 duplex stainless steel and carbide/resin materials.
• Non “hazardous substance” or “hazardous material” under applicable laws
• Reflects 98% incident heat
• Exposure to natural ultraviolet light will not affect material performance or appearance
• Does not contain silica
• Hardness- Barcol: 80 / MOH: 9F (similar hardness as diamonds)
• Compressive Strength- ASTM D-759: 16,000 psi
• Tensile Strength- ASTM D-307: 9,500 psi
• Flexural Strength- ASTM D-790: 21,300 psi
• Bond Strength- 1000 / 1200 PSI. Cerarmix™ does not delaminate. (Concrete:›400 psi/ steel:1,200psi)
• Is 100% non-permeable. Zero water, steam, sound etc. will travel through Cerarmix™™
• Heat Resistance- 400°F Continuous, 600°F Transient
• Flammability- UAB-DTRC-MIL-STD: 2031 Self Extinguishing after 30 min. exposure (800°F)
• Water Solubility- 0.0095
• Abrasion Resistance- Taber Testing per ASTM D – 4060 CS-17 Wheel: 0.020 gm

Cerarmix™ materials possess unique qualities and are engineered to have the following characteristics:
* Environmentally friendly material: non-hazardous.   
* Simple, fast and easy application process. 
* Can be tougher than steel.    
* Ease of coating on any surface, or structure to increase performance characteristics. 
* Water Proof (100% moisture proof, non-hydroscopic).
* Chemical, Heat, Abrasion and Sound resistant.
* Ultra-violet ray reflective and stable.
* Reflects 98% of the radiant energy.
* Does not rot or decay, and provide food for mold growth.
* Termite/vermin resistant.
* Thermally stable.
* Elasticity designed to match substrate.
* Pioneer in the use of spray able ceramic materials

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