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Cerarmix™ Spray
Spraying Applications:

Cerarmix™ will permanently bond to any surface. It is ideal for Industrial Products in the oil & gas industry such as all pipe no matter the size, casing, drilling direction or horizontal well's, steam flood, salt water, injection wells, storage tanks, pumps and other industrial products. All Cerarmix™ products have the same tooling specs as conventional industrial products.

The applications of Cerarmix™ are limitless and are not just for FRP use alone. Other applications for Cerarmix™ spraying includes walls & floors (wood or concrete), inside tunnels, (subways, manholes & underground sewage) marine and virtually anything that needs protecting/sealing from the elements and don't forget nothing will adhere to Cerarmix™ and this product is environmentally friendly.

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Patented Spray Applicator: The Technology Multi-step proprietary process results in cross linking of polymers, ceramics and metals.
  • Involves trade secrets
  • Inputs inexpensive and abundant
Patent-pending applicator:
  • USPTO approved Dec. 2009
Infrastructure products: The Industry
Relies on stringent materials specifications.
  • Conformance with specs determined by testing
  • Application of material is safe, easy & inexpensive
Mandrel and Spray Applicator:
Three-Step Manufacturing Process:
  1. Proprietary treatment of clays, metals and minerals
  2. Blend with polymers
  3. Apply via patented applications

Having been thoroughly tested with marks that far exceeds traditional industrial products, Cerarmix™ can be spray-coated onto numerous industrial products, reducing costs, enhancing life expectancy and protecting & sealing virtually anything.

High Strength formulations allow a monolithic 1/2 to 3" multi pass spray application to restore structural integrity and permanent seal for all Pipe & Tubing & Drainage lines no matter what their size.

Big Pipe
Shark Skin
Cerarmix™ C1
  • Provides corrosion resistance for FRP, concrete and metals
  • Used for pipes, tanks, manholes, manhole covers & protective pole wraps
  • Fire resistant
  • Does not degrade due to UV
  • Mold and mildew resistant
Cerarmix™ AR1
  • Similar attributes as C1, but provides abrasion resistance superior to stainless steel
  • Used for pollution control equipment in the power generation industry
  • Chemical, mining and hazardous materials applicatio
Bedliner Truckbed Big Truck Beds xx xx
Nothing will stick to your truck bed, no oil, drywall mud, paint, chemicals or concrete!
Heavy equipment beds, rail cars, flatbeds to keep steel surfaces totally free of contaminants!
Insides of storage tanks, container trucks, bins, garbage trucks and storage containers!
Fork lift blades, trailer bottoms, hoppers, front end loader buckets and much more!
Manufacturer has 70 different formulas to choose from to solve your specific problems, cost effective and environmentally friendly. If interested, please fill out Cerarmix™ form (A): and we will send you further information, price list and request for Quote order form to be submitted to Distributor and Manufacturer of Cerarmix™, they will then find a formula for your solution and send you a price. Shipping & Handling is extra.

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Jim Einarsen President of ATEC:

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