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Presently we have two Mud Motor Impact Hammers available and we have reservoir vibrators that will be ready for testing in the spring of 2017. (See Products and Services on the menu links) Do you have an oil field that's 10 to 40 years old and is costing you a fortune to operate or have a non producing well? Contact ATEC and let us find solutions for your problem.

Old Oil Wells for AC energy:
Earth Battery

Another use for old wells, the Earth Generator, recently patented, targets old oil wells with nearby water well to produce AC power with very low maintenance. Using a large abandoned oil field with a depth of 5,000 feet or greater, salt domes deep coal bearing sections of strata, deep volcanic intrusions, and geothermal areas. In and around these discontinuities within the earth, electrical differential potentials exist between these areas and the more homogeneous near surface strata.

Cerarmix™ Pipe & Tubing:

Spray machine


ATEC is now taking orders for a revolutionary new product, Cerarmix™ Pipe, Tubing & Spray Applications. Having been thoroughly tested with marks that far exceeds traditional industrial products, Cerarmix™ can be spray-coated onto numerous industrial products including oil pipe, reducing costs, enhancing life expectancy and protecting & sealing virtually anything. Go to the Cerarmix™ page for complete information and to request a quote from manufacturer.

Potential Markets: 
  • Oil Companies, Petroleum Engineers
  • Farmers, Ranchers & Land Owners
  • Third Party Services
  • Numerous Retailers Industrial
  • National and International
  • Energy & Agriculture Industries
  • Fresh Water Driller
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