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Corporate Members
Members & Position:
1. Jim Einarsen, President, Land and Exploration, Scouting, advertising, Marketing and Sales Coordinator. Geologic Technician, Cartographer, Surveyor, Land and Exploration. Marketing and Sales Coordinator.
2. Tom Buchholz, Corporate Secretary, Manufacturing Coordinator, Troubleshooter. Mining Engineer, has metal and mechanic shop for use as Fab. and Assembly Shop. Bucky's mining Background
3. Lisa Thole, Accountant Business and Accounting Manager
4. Dave Harmin, Contractor, Heavy Equipment Hauling, Fab. Shop and assembly. Heavy Equipment Operator, Miner, has Fabrication Shop in Buena Vista, Co.
5. Jim Javernick, Driller Workovers, installing tools down hole Driller, Workovers and Oil Producer in Eastern Colorado
6. Fred Johnson, Vice President, Distribution Coordinator Civil and Structural Engineer
7. Michael Gabriel, webmaster, electronic publication, sales and marketing Online marketing, search engines, websites & wordpress
8. Jeanne Gabriel, Secretary, certified Notary Public Secretarial work, Jim Einarsen's personal secretary

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