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History Acoustic Stimulation:
Pinemont's Summary:
Research and Development:
Seismic stimulation has been work done since the 1950's but most recently come to the forefront with work done by (ASR) a west Texas company Applied Seismic Research using a --------> More
In 2008 Pinemont Technologies Inc. began researching the possibility of building a downhole vibrating tool to stimulate secondary oil cut using an offset lob driven by a --------> More
Based on Research & Development performed so far it has become clear to Pinemont & ATEC that acoustic stimulation is a viable and proven way to increase your oil-cut -------> More
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Work Currently Underway:

Pinemont has already built the prototype of reservoir vibrators the Mud Motor Impact Hammer and ATEC's Cable Tool Hydraulic Impact Hammer will be ready this summer, and is building proto types of other Impact Hammers, Screw Drive Impact Hammer and Impact shooter is almost ready and will be ready for installation and testing in 2017 effecting approximately 1 sq. mile, areal extent.

Reservoir Vibrator Images Below:

ATEC's Screw Drive Impact Hammer patent pending, for old oil wells from 1500-6500' drilling depths ($4.00 per foot for new 3 phase power) set impact hammer downhole, to the right depth.
ATEC's Impact Shooter for shallow holes from 500 to 1500' drilling depth, porous sandstone reservoirs with oil and water.
ATEC's Cable Tool Hydraulic Impact Hammer deeper holes, 1500-6000' depths. Under construction at this time (60 -90 day testing period)
Pinemont's Mud Motor Impact Hammer (patent pending) two have been built, need to find operator with water injector well with approximately 20 to 40 old wells nearby, 500- 10,000' depth, set downhole for a four month testing period.

Reservoir Vibrators Wholesale Tool only:

Screw Drive Impact Hammer, set downhole, 1500 - 6500' depths, cased hole, effects approximately 320 acres (areal extent)..........Price $20,000. Ready summer of 2017.
Impact Shooter, Installed 15' below the surface, for shallow Oil Producers from 500 to 1500' depths, effects approximately 160 acres (areal extent)..Price $10,000. Final stages+testing.
Cable Tool Hydraulic Impact Hammer, 1500' to 6,000' depths effects approximately 320 acres (areal extent)....Price $15,000. Ready for testing in the Summer of 2015.
Mud Motor Impact Hammer, 500 - 10,000' depths, effects approximately 320 acres (areal extent).....Price $12,000. Have two in stock, needs 60 day test and monitoring.

Opportunities on Private/Federal Lease Land:
Do you have an old oil field that's 10 to 40 years old and is costing you a fortune to operate? Contact ATEC and lets talk about the solution to your problem. Publications & News about Seismic stimulation in the links below.

Additional Reservoir Vibrators: Cable Tool Impact Hammer | Impact Shooter | Mud Motor Impact Hammer
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