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Seismic stimulation has been work done since the 1950's but most recently come to the forefront with work done by (ASR) a west Texas company Applied Seismic Research using a pumping unit (mini downhole "Jar's") see Appendix; AAPG article link below. Read recent seismic publications:

Many studies have been carried out in recent years to better understand all of the opportunities that acoustic stimulation provides. Many of the studies have been "inconclusive" for a variety of reasons but several of the studies have been successful at gathering good data. Results from these studies in summary report increases in production (with water drive formation) from 17% to above 50% where stimulation was applied at the formation. Publications and News about Seismic stimulation can be found from these links.

Applied Seismic Research News Article
Nexial Institute

Seismic Research has reported that production has been stimulated up to 1.5 mi away from the source well (vibra-seise routinely imaged to 15,000 ft down and back). Screw Drive Impact Hammer Image.

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