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Based on Research & Development performed so far and since the Texas Railroad Commission certified the technology in 2007 as an official EOR process – the first new certification in more than 30 years, it has become clear to Pinemont & ATEC that acoustic stimulation is a viable and proven way to increase your oil-cut in old producing stripper wells by 50% to 500%. Publications & News (must read) click links below for extensive information.
Applied Seismic Research
Nexial Institute
There has been 20 billion barrels of oil found in North America (proven oil in place reserves) est. recoverable reserves of 10 Billion or 50%. Thus there are approximately 10 Billion bbl's. of oil still in place that is ready for secondary oil recovery and ATEC and Pinemont intend to exploit this opportunity to the max. The initial research and development of said tools and technologies are in their final phases or have been built and are ready to test. Manufacturing and wholesale of said products will commence in summer of 2015.

If you apply Cerarmix™ spray applications to oil pipe and Reservoir Stimulators this happens Read Testimonial. Be sure and check the Specifications to insure product is up to your standards. Email us, describe your specific circumstances then find out the "special strength formula" that is right for you along with your price list & quote for products or services. Once you examine all the info you will see why everyone is so impressed by this relatively new technology.
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