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In 2008 Pinemont Technologies Inc. began researching the possibility of building a downhole vibrating tool to stimulate secondary oil cut using an offset lob driven by a screw with fluid and has yet to be tested in a well called the Hydraulic Cable Tool Impact Hammer In 2010 work shifted to a surface stimulation method, of course vibra-seise was the first option that came to mind, but was quickly ruled out due to cost and weak source. Then the drop weight method was explored, and ruled out.

Then in late 2010 an "explosive method" was explored with great promise. The new proto-type Screw-Drive Impact Hammer is almost complete and will be ready for testing by the summer of 2017. Publications & News on the subject of Seismic Stimulation can be found here.
Applied Seismic Research
Nexial Institute

Additional Reservoir Vibrator Images:
Cable Tool Impact Hammer | Impact Shooter | Mud Motor Impact Hammer | Screw Drive Impact Hammer

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