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Hydrocarbon Detector (Gas Sniffer)

ATEC recommends running an Electro-telluric and Gas Sniff Bullseye Survey to upgrade and confirm the presence of Hydrocarbons at certain depths $5,000 per proposed location, to be used prior to drilling. Field work and office work (mapping) will take approximately 5 days to complete (kept confidential). This technology is available as a 3rd party Service from ATEC or can be Purchased from Pinemont Technology Inc.

Electro-tellurics and Gas Sniff surveys run at the same time, same station & can reduce the risk of drilling significantly (cheaper and faster than seismic). You can also integrate all 3 Sciences and build a more accurate 3D Model for Exploration and Development of Oil and Gas (compatible with several types of mapping programs). This technique is already being utilized by several Oil and Gas Companies and have been very successful, if you are satisfied  with the Bullseye  Survey  you  can  purchase  Pinemont’s  Electro-Telluric  Computer Program with antenna and lease/purchase the Soil Gas Meter Instrument (sniffer) with sensors & unit measurements, including battery re-charger and run your own surveys along with  G.P.S. Instrument, topo Map and mapping programs for quick and easy Geochem Surveys (both surveys run at the same time).View Hydrocarbon Detector
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